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About North Cyprus

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Girne or Kyrenia harbour and the Besparmak Mountains, North Cyprus

About North Cyprus

Cyprus, is the third biggest island of the Mediterranean is always desired in every period of history for strategic political, commercial and religious reasons, and does not lose its char at any time. With this charm North Cyprus offers; favourable, extraordinary enjoyable mystic, spiritual and peaceful holiday environment for you any season of the year.

Read our Eco Tourism guide on Eco Holidays in North Cyprus to help you learn even more about the destination and what you can look forward to seeing when you book.

North Cyprus location is at the crossroads of Europe, Middle  East, Asia and Africa. Closest neighbouring locations are Turkey, South Cyprus, Lebanon, Greece, Egypt, Israel and Syria.  Its coasts are approximately 396 km long with a unique blend of beaches, plains and mountains.  Moreover, with its historical past and location, north cyprus is in many ways a surprising synthesis between eastern and western cultures; and with its rich multicultural heritage, in every part of the country you will find ancient monuments and sites that belong to more than 11 thousand years of civilization and history makes the country exceptionally beautiful.

Six different areas in North Cyprus are becoming part of the Natura-2000 of the EU.  In addition to Natura 2000, there are more than 20 turtle nesting shores in Northern Cyprus.  Also, sandy beaches and endemics and wild donkeys are main attractions for the IFF. There are many monuments from Byzantive Period (AD 324-1119), Early Frankish Period (1191-1192), Lusignan Kingdom (1192-1489), Genoese Occupation (City of Famagusta) (1373-1464), Venetian Colonial Rule (1489-1571), Ottoman Period (1571-1878), British Colonial Rule (1878-1960). Especially one could see all of the signs of those civilizations in the city of Famagusta. Please visit the historical tourism page of this site.

North Cyprus Tour offers a wide range of accommodation from 5 star luxury hotels to holiday villages. Swim in crystal water, soaking up the sun 300 days of a year, North Cyprus Tour offers a wide range of special tourism products such as bird watching, golfing, turtle watching, diving, historical site visits, nature visits, eco/agro-tourism, walks to endemics and traditional village fests.