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A village completely built upon an ancient cemetery area, the date of establishment is not certain. According to the archaeological research done in the area as of now, there is clear historical life connected at the Bronze Age, Mid Bronze Age, Geometric Archaic, Classic, Hellenistic, Roman and early Christian periods.

These findings were discovered at the Northern region in places like; Ay Fodi, Hebo (Thepsos), Lumiona, Klima and Serno. Revealing that large settlement areas used to be established near the sea. However this would likely make the inhabitants open to danger coming from the pirate and Arab invasions which started during the byzantine age and continued. It is thought this is the reason why the settlement area of today was established along the southern slope of the Kyrenia Mountains which cannot be seen from the sea and on top of the ancient cemeteries.

Buyukkonuk is the first declared pilot Eco-Agro tourism village on the island of Cyprus. Buyukkonuk which is the Eco-Agro tourism centre has become a brand in some sense. With its natural surroundings, architectural structure and unspoilt culture, it is the only village that can sustainably implement and continue Eco –Agro tourism in North Cyprus.

The Eco-Day event is organised in partnership of the Buyukkonuk Municipality Association on the 3rd Sundays of the months of May and October. It is a stately event not only known in the islands of Cyprus but in Turkey and other countries as well.