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North Cyprus

With its archaeological ruins, historical beauty, excellent climate and friendly people, North Cyprus is a tourism heaven which has united the three continents. More information on the collective history and culture of North Cyprus is available here or if you want to focus on the highlights of your eco holiday in North Cyprus see below, on the left you can also learn about individual villages and what to look out for on your escape.

Escape in Karpaz

Karpaz is a place that will answer the call within you. It is one of the most beautiful coasts in the world, untouched, with fine golden sand and partly covered with sand liliums. You can sunbathe on the golden beach of Karpaz and inspect the flora and fauna species that you have never seen before at the Karpaz National Park; you can also see the free Karpaz donkeys which form one of the iconic symbols of Cyprus. You can join a bike tour and visit the iskele Panagia Theodokou Church and Ay. Philion Church on two wheels, you can go to the Ay.Yrais basilica in Sipahi Christian Perios. At the end point if Karpaz, you can go on a mystic journey to the protector of travellers, master of the winds and creator of miracles; the Apostolos Andreas monastery where vows are made in its name and is accepted as a holy and divine place. It is believed that, the wishes made, and the hopeful petitions made for despairing distresses come true here. The mysteryof the Karpaz is unlimited. During your visit, you can also witness the Caretta Catetta’s first meeting with the sea, they travel thousands of kilometres to their eggs on the shores of North Cyprus.

Underwater World

Along with blue of the Mediterranean Sea, the underwater world is also embellished with mystical and magnificent affluence. The island’s sea water temperature between May- September is around the average of 24.0C*C. This is an important detail for those who are seized away with the magic of the underwater world. The warmth of the water gives the opportunity to discover the grandeur of the underwater world with the diving opportunities presented for you at the tourism attractions districts of North Cyprus in particular.

You will have the chance to enjoy and make the most of the interesting sights by observing the sea life of the Mediterranean, and you will also get a chance to make the most of the interesting sights that are waiting for you in the underwater world where group diving takes place at special points within the districts of kyrenia, Famagusta and the Karpaz Peninsula. Sometimes you may encounter with a sunken ship, and sometimes you may encounter with the ruins of ancient civilisations. Following the diving experience your holiday will become more colourful and you will get the chance to discover the beauty which you can hardly see anywhere else.

Sea Turtles

The coasts of North Cyprus are one of the most important areas of the Mediterranean where turtles choose to lay their eggs in the months of July and August. In fact according to statistics iit is known that the North Cyprus coasts are most visited by the Caretta Caretta and the Green (Chekinia mydas) turtle species which are under protection in the Mediterranean. Every year hundreds of turtles come in groups. During the night they dig holes up to the depth of 1 metre in the sand and leave their eggs in these holes. 7-8 weeks later the young turtles hatch from the eggs and head back to the sea. Almost 25% of turtles which live in the Mediterranean make visits to North Cyprus.

In recent times, ecology experts and students are monitoring the turtles which are becoming rare to come across, by camping out in these areas and observing them in order to prevent their extinction.

Wild Life

Each district carries the beauty peculiar to that district, once again the wildlife living in the same districts make these areas all the more peculiar and interesting as they add colour to the natural wildlife. The field goats which take place almost all over Karpaz can be seen during a nature walk, or one may even join you as a companion during your walk. Amongst all animals peculiar to North Cyprus undoubtedly, is our wild donkeys that raise the interest of both local and foreign visitors the most.

The donkeys who may be the only wild donkey colony in the world, they created a living space for themselves within the attractive nature of Karpaz, lead their lives in a much easier manner with the necessary precautions that have been taken.

Stopping point for Migrating Birds

The island of North Cyprus is the migrating route of the migrating birds and every year the island temporarily hosts thousands of birds. This is the reason why bird watchers from all over the world come to visit North Cyprus.

Flora, fauna, wild donkeys, Green Turtles, Caretta Caretta’s, migratory birds and while still protecting its untouched beauty Karpaz belongs to the rare places in the world which is really worth to be discovered.


They are the most interesting wild flowers in Northern Cyprus. There are 30 different species which can be seen all over the island. 17 of these species cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The endemic flora of North Cyprus cannot be found throughout the whole year. However, famous German expert Hansen who gifted an album to the Alevkayasi Herbarium which illustrates all the orchid species in coloured photographs, presents the variety of the orchid in our country.